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Beispiele für erfolgreiches Googlen nach Übungen

"if-clauses" exercises

"present progressive" exercises

"offer" exercises

"telephoning" exercises

"while or during" exercises

Sprachtest zur Einstufung der eigenen Niveaustufe im europäischen Referenzrahmen von Cornelsen.

English Language Chatrooms

Websites for learning English and "Business English" 
Large and well-structured collection of links to ressources.

Popular and highly professional website for learning English with excellent reading material, videos and sound clips.
Large collection of exercises - general and business English.
EU online service for composing your CV with printing and updating options.
A monolingual dictionary that searches in one dictionary of your choice.
A large collection of material about learning business English. On the top you can choose your personal interest.
Here you have a big pool of exercises in business and basic English.
It’s a main page where you can get a lot of important information of what business English is about. On this hompage you find a lot of useful business English vocabulary for example how to order something or to speak with a customer.
It’s a big dictionary. You write a word in German and the dictionary shows the word in English and also shows expressions this word is often used with.
Commercial website with some free offers.
Quite a number of test about general English.
There are many exercises in wich you can check your business Englisch knowledge. They are not so difficult to do and it is even a little bit fun.
grammar tests, multiple choice, vocabulay exercise, crosswordpuzzle
Large number of grammar exercises
Collection of grammar quizzes.
Collection of various exercises.
Business English Test and Business English Exercises by email every Friday
Assortment of learning and teaching material of different kinds, mostly general English
Collection of learning material including videos.
Collection of learning material including videos.
Larger collection of free exercises, tests, texts, and other resources.
Sample dialogues of everyday situations with useful phrases.
Larger collection of free exercises, tests, texts, and other resources.
Quick test to find out how good your Business English is.
Collection of interactive learning material including listening comprehension and videos.
General Listening Quizzes